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H & J Liquidators and Closeouts, Inc has been in business for over 30 years. We have met the wholesale merchandise demands of hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, helping to service your businesses while promoting growth. Thanks to our unbelievably low prices and unique capabilities of offering products by the case rather than the pallet. It is easy to see what distinguishes H&J Closeouts from our competitors. We don’t only sell wholesale products and wholesale party supplies, but we also are wholesale liquidators that buy inventory from retailers (sell to Us). We’ve provided inventory to flea markets, dollar store merchandise, big box stores, and local retailers. 

By offering products by the case, we allow you to focus on what matters: Your customers. Instead of tying up hundreds and thousands of dollars in unsold merchandise that will remain in storage for months, if not years, before being sold, we want you to keep your money where it belongs by investing it further into your business. When the right time comes for the growth of your inventory, we are always available for bulk purchases and other wholesale products sales as well. As wholesale liquidators we’re always adding products for our customers daily.

H & J Closeouts & Wholesale Liquidators Has a History Of Service As The Large Seller of Wholesale Merchandise

Located in Des Plaines, Illinois, we store and ship all of our quality, low-priced wholesale merchandise worldwide no matter how big, or small an order might be. We believe in providing quality customer service, helping you select the right closeout products for your business from our thousands of options available. We help other stores supply their shelves by educating them and providing rock bottom prices on wholesale products.

Our inventory grows daily, meaning that there is always new merchandise available for purchase. This makes us your one-stop-shop for all of your wholesale merchandise needs. By offering professional service and efficient shipment that allows you to purchase and distribute products to your customers in extremely short periods of time. Take the guesswork out of buying your inventory by using our invaluable industry expertise that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Ever Growing Inventory Of Wholesale Products

When your business demands a growing selection of quality merchandise with prices starting at $0.10 and under per piece. This allows you to buy more wholesale at extremely low prices. Then look no further than H&J Closeouts and Wholesale Liquidators, Inc. We have the professionalism, customer service and closeout products that you need to take your business from good, to great!

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