The Weather Station Plastic Rain Bonnet Hat – One Size Fits All – Item #5905



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The Weather Station Plastic Rain Bonnet Hat – One Size Fits All – Item #5905

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  • Drawstring closure
  • DURABLE: This hat holds up through the rainy days without letting any water drip through the seams.
  • MAXIMUM COVERAGE: When fully expanded, the cover opens up to a full-size barrier to protect your head from the pouring rain.
  • EASY TO TRAVEL: With its small design, it can easily be dried, folded, and placed in your purse between uses.
  • ONE SIZE: The protective barrier is suited to fit most sizes with ease to keep dry in dreary weather.

Getting ready for a night out, you have your makeup perfectly executed. Your hair looks amazing. Your outfit is to die for. You check your lipstick one more time in the mirror before opening your front door. The first thing you notice is the rain pouring down. There is no way you worked so long to get ready just to have everything ruined while you walk over to the car. Even if you have a full raincoat available, nothing protects your head from the rain like a waterproof bonnet. The durable construction lasts through each and every storm and lets you walk from one place to the next with no rain ruining your hard work. Add this cover and make sure your hair lasts the whole rainy day without being ruined.

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