“High Roller” Party Card Picture Frame with Easel- Holds a 5″ x 7″ Photo
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“High Roller” Party Card Picture Frame with Easel- Holds a 5″ x 7″ Photo
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The Best Wholesale Novelties Items at the Lowest Prices
Our wholesale company offers a huge array of wholesale novelties items  and gifts.  That can be used for multiple purposes, all at the lowest prices you won’t find in regular stores. Store owners, avid collectors, passionate fans, party organizers, and gift givers can find the best wholesale novelties  at the cheapest prices here at H&J Closeouts.

Serial collectors are some of the biggest buyers of bulk novelty items, as they’re always looking for something new for their hobbies. Wholesale novelty items can also be great giveaways for parties, or prizes for contests and carnival booths! And last but not the least, novelty items are the perfect gifts for almost anyone. These are just some of the reasons why wholesale novelty items are in high demand in the market today. Novelty items are truly a must-have for all stores. You might miss out on a lot of opportunities if you don’t sell them in your stall!
Free Shipping for Wholesale Novelty Items
At H&J Closeouts, we prioritize our customers’ needs and feedback. This is why unlike other closeout companies, we sell wholesale items by the case and not by the pallet. With a minimum order of just one case, our customers don’t have to go through the burden of having to sell their huge amounts of stock. Store owners, retailers, and distributors can put their worries about their inventories aside with this kind of ordering scheme.

Aside from those privileges, H&J Closeouts also offers free shipping to its customers! Most wholesale companies require huge minimum orders and minimum payments. And most of the time, they don’t come with free shipping. You can forget about all of those problems by shopping at H&J Closeouts! By purchasing from us, none of your money, time, and other resources are wasted. H&J Closeouts’ simple processes and amazing privileges form some of the best wholesale deals you can find, and we offer them at the lowest prices.

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