Uproot Lint Cleaner Pro Pet Hair, Portable Lint Remover – Item 5051

Uproot Lint Cleaner Pro Pet Hair, Portable Lint Remover – Item 5051

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  • A MUST FOR EVERY HOME – Your clothes will look flawless with this lint roller! This simple lint remover device makes an excellent job at cleaning lint, dust, or pet hair from every inch of your clothes or carpets.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY –  Made with top-quality materials that ensure great resistance and durability. The lint brush incorporates a splinter-free wooden handle and a durable head made of copper, which is an eco-friendly material that will pass any resistance test.
  • EFFICIENT LINT REMOVER – An excellent solution to remove fuzz, lint, or pet hair quickly and easily. Use it for any fabric, from clothes, coats, to carpets, upholstery, and furniture, and enjoy an effortless cleaning and lint-free home.
  • EASY TO USE – Cleaning your clothes has never been this easy with this reusable lint roller! Balanced, lightweight, and equipped with an ergonomic handle, this device ensures a firm control for a smooth and easy glide, removing very easily any bobble, lint, pet hair, or dust.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN – You can perform a quick cleaning of your clothes anywhere you are. Our fuzz shaver is compact and super easy to carry, fitting effortlessly in your purse, backpack, or luggage.
  • Comes 2 pieces per pack (price is $1.50 each piece = $3.00/Pack

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