Scoopette The Dog Walker’s Utility Tool for Easy & Clean Waste Pick Up

Scoopette The Dog Walker’s Utility Tool for Easy & Clean Waste Pick Up

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Never has it been so easy and convenient to pick up after your dog on the go! The Scoopette is the first reusable, versatile and convenient dog walkers utility tool assisting with the waste pickup process. The Scoopette fits in or around ones pocket (or purse) and is the only device to expand / collapse and fasten onto a 2 ply leash for convenient transport! Other fastening capabilities include anything up to 1 / 4 in thickness such as stroller straps, sweatshirts, backpacks, and more! The Scoopette comes with an expandable dispenser for sanitary rolls and a molded clip for that unsanitary bag to hang off of! The Scoopette does more than just eliminate the gross sensation and bacterial intrusion; it possibly doubles the length, width and diameter of the human hand! The Scoopette thrives in frustrating tough terrain pick up situations such as tall grass, concrete, sand or snow! The Scoopette was specifically designed to alleviate all dog walking frustrations while using only 2 – 3 fingers! When on the go, were your number 1 for number 2!.  Comes in assorted colors but can not guarantee how many of each color you will receive.

  • Reusable – For Use with a Bag
  • The Dog Walker’s Utility Tool
  • Eliminate all sensation and pick up in tough terrain
  • Bag dispenser and unsanitary bag holder included
  • Fastens onto the leash or pocket for convenient transport

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