The Wonder Pax – Hand Warmer Glove Heating Pads – Item #5573

The Wonder Pax – Hand Warmer Glove Heating Pads – Item #5573

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The Hand Warmer pad comes in the size and shape of a hand and can be worn on the palm or the outside of your hands. The sturdy straps keep the pads secure as you continue with the ‚Äútasks at hand‚ÄĚ. The Hand Warmer pads are easy to carry in your bag, allowing you easy access whenever you may need them.

These travel sized reusable hand warmers are the ideal way to warm you up while on the go.

With the snap of a button the warmer heats up, and stays warm for approx. 45 Р60 minutes without the risk of over heating or burning.  The ideal temperature is reached in just a few seconds.  No batteries or microwave needed!  Use it anywhere, anytime!  Non-toxic and best of all they can be used hundreds of time!

Reusable Hand Warmers not only provide instant heat but are really neat to watch.  Inside the pouch is a supersaturated mix of sodium acetate and water.  This liquid state just needs one thing to set it off, and when you click the metal disc inside, you start the reaction. Immediately, sodium acetate crystals start to form around the disc, precipitating outward. As they do, they release all that pent-up energy in an exothermic reaction. And voila. Heat.

Boiling the Reusable Hand Warmers conveys the energy back into that supersaturated solution.


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