Castor Oil Pack Wrap – Included Heating Pad and Laundry Bag – Large Size – Item #6888

Castor Oil Pack Wrap – Included Heating Pad and Laundry Bag – Large Size – Item #6888

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  • WAIST AND NECK PROTECT: Castor Oil Pack Kit includes one Castor Oil Pack Wrap for the WAIST and one for the NECK. You can relax the waist and neck at the same time, promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and save time and efficiency. (Note: Do not use castor oil packets when you are pregnant.)
  • NATURAL MATERIAL: This castor oil pack is made from all natural ingredients and is not bleached, can be reused. The outer layer is leak-free Material, which holds in your natural body heat very well and prevents castor oil from leaking, keeping you away from oil stains. The inner layer is made of organic bamboo fleece without harmful chemicals, which is soft and anti-allergic. NOTE: Wash 2-3 times before use, machine washable.
  • WITH HEATING PAD: This set of castor oil pack comes with a microwave heating pad, heating can make the body absorb better, If you prefer to the cold compress, simply put it into the fridge and enjoy a cool therapy. The heating pad is just the right size to fit in the front pocket of the castor oil pack. The heating material of the heating pad is a mixture of flaxseed, millet and lavender petals. it can be kept warm for a long time by heating in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • WAIST SIZE OVER 29IN:Multi-functional-Castor oil pack wrap comes with one pairs of elastic belts which is adjustable to fit various sizes. Suitable waist size over 29“. It’s easily removed and replaced in the pack, and the compression level is easily loosened or tightened as needed. The castor oil packs for liver detox is not messy, is easy to use, and has a flexible fit. The castor oil pack kits is ideal for liver detox, constipation issues, joint and muscle pain.
  • WITH A LAUNDRY BAG: This castor oil set comes with a laundry bag, before machine washing, first put the castor oil package into the laundry bag, and then put the laundry bag into the washing machine. Of course you can also wash it by hand.
  • Castor Oil not included

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