Paper Dot Elements Pastel Tie Dye Kit – Item #6157

Paper Dot Elements Pastel Tie Dye Kit – Item #6157

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  • DIY Pastel Tie Dye Kit – This girl’s tie dye shirt lets you create head-turning shirts. Splash some color in your life with our tie dye kits. The pastel dye in our tie dye kits for shirts come in easy squeeze bottles, allowing you to create unique and vibrant patterns without any blemishes. Make use of all the time at home during quarantine and use our pastel tie dye kit to create customized shirts for your friends and loved ones.
  • Tie Dye Kit Pastel – Elevate your party with our pastel tie dye kit and fill your life with pastel colors! Our DIY tie dye kit includes two dye refill packs of every color. You’ll get a total of 18 bottles in our tie die kits for adults–three times more than cheap tie dye kits. Thrice the fun! Let our pastel tie dye give you a makeover with 60s-inspired outfits and a tie dye pastel hoodie to go with your accessories and denim jeans.
  • Girls Tie Dye Shirt – We’ve got everything you need in our tie dye kit for girls. Each girl type dye set has pastel fabric dye, 3 bags of soda ash, 6 pairs of gloves, 60 rubber bands, and a guide to showing you the ropes of tie dye, and its techniques. Our tie dye kits pastel’s manual also has instructions for patterns and color combinations. Now’s your chance to create a pastel tie dye shirt with a one-of-a-kind design that no one else can have.
  • TYE DIE KITS FOR ADULTS – Turn a boring-looking shirt into an artwork of dyes with our pastel fabric dye kit. This tie dye kits for shirts can turn any tedious fabric into a colorful swirl of colors! Use our tye die kits to create a ravishing girl’s tie dye shirt you can wear in parties, night outs with friends, and even a regular pastel tie dye shirt to wear at home. Perfect toys for 12-year-old girls and boys as well.
  • Tie Dye Kit Pastel Colors – Follow the steps in our non-toxic girl’s tie dye shirt kit to unravel new patterns and styles in your pastel tie dye shirt. Our pastel tie dye kit’s pastel fabric dye doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or compounds. Feel free to make a mess to reveal your pastel masterpiece. These tie die kits for adults are great gifts for kids, teens, and even co-workers. Let our pastel tie dye kit keep your loved ones busy and creative!
Want to dive deep into the tie dye craze, but sick of using overly bright colors? Use our pastel dye and create unique patterns with wonderfully luscious, velvety texture. The best part is pastel colors are definitely a hit this season! Mix and match your shirt with pastel accessories and shoes or accentuate them with neutral and muted garments.
Dyeing garments is a fun and unconventional way to spruce up your wardrobe. Aren’t you tired of wearing the same clothes everyone gets in malls and famous brands? With tie-dyeing, no two garments are the same. Embrace your individuality and show off your tie-dyeing skills with the perfect DIY kit at your disposal! You can use our pastel tie dye kits to transform your scrunchies, headbands, jumpers, socks, shoes, canvas bags, and tote bags.
Our pastel tie dye kit contains everything you need to turn your plain-looking clothes into vibrant and fashionable garments. Our DIY pastel tie dye shirt kit includes 6 custom dyes in 120 ml bottles, 3 bags of soda ash, 6 pairs of plastic gloves, 60 rubber band ties, and an instruction manual. Add water to our powdered pastel dye and you’re good to go!
Not confident with your tie-dyeing skills? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This tie dye pastel kit comes with an instruction manual and a guide for doing various tie dye patterns. Remember to use disposable gloves when handling the tie-dye paint. Keep your face away from your working area to avoid irritating your eyes and respiratory system.

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