Pallet Deal – Rometon Safety Cage Work Platforms – Forklift Safety Cage Heavy Duty 36″ x 37″ Safety Basket Collapsible with Security Door and Additional Forklift Hooking Chain – Wight Capacity 1100 lbs

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Rometon Safety Cage Work Platform
A complete safety solution to all the item movability tasks while maintaining the usage scope
wide for aerial work as well. Our forklift cage work platform made with sturdy and high-quality
material the safety cage is durable and ideal for working perfectly under pressure. The ideal
design of forklift saften cage with collapsible capability can increase easiness and storage
quality. As the additional hooking chain for better grip increases the safety factor ten folds

– Item Weight: 167 pounds
– Package Dimensions: 37.4 x 36.61 x 9.05 inches
– Color: Orange

– Weight Capacity 1100 lbs

Benefits & Usage:
Knowing the right benefits and usage of lift cage can put you ahead of the curve for choosing
the right product according to your requirements. These are some of the top listed benefits
which you will gain using the Rometon Safety Cage Work Platform.

Safety Guaranteed:
Made with high-quality material with a sturdy design to enhance productivity in every aspect.
This allows a guaranteed safety while using this amazing safety cage with a forklift.

The collapsible functionality can enhance the storage and movability of the whole fork lift man
cage. It also allows better storage options when the safety cage is not in use.

Easy to Use:
The whole safety cage is designed for easy and effective use. The useful mesh gates help
prevent falling when the cage is in use.

Heavy Duty Machine Attachment and Material:
The whole safety cage is made of durable and high-quality material, increasing the chance of
working perfectly under high-pressure situations.

Highly suitable for most Arial work and maintenance work. With a complete safety door in the
front, it becomes more secure when placed with a forklift.


  • Strong Safety Door: Rometon forklift cage with complete safety doors on the front that keep everything in place and increases the efficiency of transporting goods using a forklift safety cage
  • Robustness of The Cage: The whole safety cage is designed to be highly robust during its usage which makes it durable and reliable at the same time, increased efficiency will enhance the sustenance
  • Additional Forklift Hooking Chain: With all perks and high quality the forklift man basket also comes with a free additional forklift hooking chain for better grip while working efficiently with the forklift
  • Installation & Storage: The whole design of forklift bucket is for increasing the viability of the installation process and the front gate keeps the storage space safe for effectively handling goods properly.
  • Convenient Usage: The loader forklift design aids in maintaining the perfect balance of user convenience and performance enhancement for readily available results while using the cage with a forklift

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Weight 1400 lbs