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Do you engage in activities which put excessive pressure on your feet or ankle, and find it difficult to recover from pain after such activities? Or

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis but cannot figure out the best way to get relief from it or to support your feet?

The common reason for Plantar Fasciitis is when feet are forced to take an unnatural shape, essentially due to poor footwear design or a wrong selection, or due to uneven pressure on feet or excessive exertion.

No Worries! We are quite familiar with this problem and have a perfect solution for it.


Fitaire ankle support compression sleeves are ideal for people who regularly participate in rigorous activities like running or workouts that put excessive pressure on the feet.

The sleeves can help you get relief from these problems and quickly become an indispensable part of your everyday life for the many benefits that these offers:

✔ Graduated Compression – perfect compression to help you recover faster
✔ Made up of premium quality material – feels soft and cosy from inside
✔ Provides complete support to your feet and alleviates pain due to plantar fasciitis
✔ Made up of 88% copper infused nylon material and 12% spandex
✔ Anti-Odour – high percentage of copper imparts it anti-odour properties
✔ Effective Moisture wicking – Keeps your feet dry – Comfortable for overnight wear too
✔ Allows you to walk and run comfortably
✔ Interchangeable – wear it on left or right foot


  • EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS – Fitaire Ankle Support Running Compression Sleeves offer an incredible way to relieve plantar fasciitis – it’s like someone always taking care of your feet without your need to put any conscious efforts in its care. The sleeves can also help relieve pain from severe conditions like achilles tendon strains, calf cramps, and shin splints.
  • LIGHTNING RECOVERY – The ankle compression sleeves can help you recover from stresses accumulated due to a rigorous activity – be it running, workout or any other kind of exertion that puts pressure on your ankle or feet. Our compression sleeves improve blood circulation and thus help in faster recovery.
  • RIGHT COMPRESSION – Fitaire ankle compression sleeves are designed for graduated compression, to ensure that only the desired amount of pressure is applied in each area and they do not result in any clotting, pockets and marks like other unthoughtful compression sleeves designs. Refer to image 5 to determine your proper fit.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our Ankle support compression sleeves are made up of 88% copper infused nylon material and 12% spandex, which gives it a premium finish, comfort and good feel on the skin – doesn’t cause any itching or irritation. Effective moisture wicking of this material due to its copper content helps keep your feet dry and makes these sleeves odour resistant, which means you can wear these comfortably even for longer durations and overnight too.

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