Brand New Mashie Cleek Golf Irons Full Set (3-PW)

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The Mashie Cleek 72 Series irons are high-quality, forgiving golf clubs available for an unbelievable low price.
Forget the overpriced gimmicks and jacked lofts designed for demo glory. The 72 Series features large clubheads with a cavity-back design, thick top lines, and traditional lofts for maximum forgiveness. Our full 3-PW set ensures you’ll always have the club you need to make the shot you want.
Mashie Cleek irons are built to last and look great in your bag. And they won’t break the bank, so you can invest in your game, not your gear.
Why You Need The 72 Series
  • Quality, forgiving irons that are built to last.
  • Full 3-PW sets, so you’ll always have the club you need to make the shot you want.
  • Traditional lofts for improved consistency and shotmaking.
  • Affordable prices, hundred less than major brands.
72 Series Specs
Club Loft Lie
3 iron 21 degrees 60.5 degrees
4 iron 24 degrees 61.0 degrees
5 iron 27 degrees 61.5 degrees
6 iron 30 degrees 62.0 degrees
7 iron 34 degrees 62.5 degrees
8 iron 38 degrees 63.0 degrees
9 iron 42 degrees 63.5 degrees
Pitching Wedge 46 degrees 64.0 degrees

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