Wine Bottle Opener Set Rabbit-Style Corkscrew with Aerator by Symposium Supply

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You’ll feel like a pro when you use the tools in this premium wine accessories kit from Symposium Supply.  This bundle includes an easy-to-use rabbit-style opener with display stand, a unique aerator, a foil cutter, and an extra spiral worm…everything you need to serve your favorite wine blends and varietals.

First, use the easy-grip foil cutter to remove the capsule that protects the cork.  The foil cutter eliminates jagged edges for a clean look.  Pick up the corkscrew, grip the ergonomically designed handles over the neck of the bottle, and raise the lever with your other hand.  Center the corkscrew over the cork and pull down on the lever, piercing the cork.  Pull the lever back up and cork slides right out of the bottle with ease.

Insert the unique aerator/pourer into the open bottle to enhance the flavors and aromas of the wine.  Allowing wine to “breathe” is essential to fully experience the wine’s bouquet.  Rather than pouring the entire bottle into a decanter, this special aerator allows oxidation to occur one glass at a time.  Your wine’s true essence will be released as the wine is poured.

Over time, corks will wear down the spiral on the corkscrew.  To ensure your rabbit-style corkscrew always performs optimally, this bundle includes an extra worm that is easy to replace when your spiral starts to wear down.  

Whether you prefer the bolder taste of red wines, the lighter, fruity taste of white wines, or something in between, this premium wine accessory bundle is a must-have for anyone who enjoys wine at home.

This premium wine accessories bundle is the ultimate gift for the wine lover.  Buy this kit today and never struggle with another hard-to-remove wine cork again!

  • POP CORKS LIKE A PRO – Eliminate the hassle of removing the cork from any wine bottle with this rabbit-style corkscrew. Corks pull out quickly and easily with minimal effort.
  • STYLISH DESIGN – Made from a durable, premium-grade zinc alloy, the corkscrew has an attractive contemporary look. The ergonomic handle offers extra comfort, even for those with arthritis. The rabbit-style corkscrew includes a convenient presentation stand and an easy-to-replace spare worm.
  • AWAKEN THE WINE’S TRUE ESSENCE – The unique aerator brings out all of the delicious notes and aromas of your wine. No need to pour an entire bottle into a decanter when you can enjoy full-bodied flavor by the glass.
  • OPEN BOTTLES EFFORTLESSLY – The easy-grip foil cutter is safer and more efficient than using a knife to remove the capsule that covers the top of the wine bottle. Provides clean cut presentation to your open wine bottle.
  • MAKES A THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR OENOPHILES – Any wine connoisseur will appreciate this useful set. A must-have for every home bar.

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