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TUA EXCEL is an electronic device purposely conceived to harden and tone up muscles all over the body and slim down adipose areas, two widespread beauty problems which are particularly difficult to treat.

TUA EXCEL works on the principle of electrostimulation, meaning electric impulses applied by means of electrodes to the skin, directly on the muscles, which contract rhythmically and perform real and true physical exercise.
Muscular exercise induced by electrostimulation is particularly effective because it can be intense and selectively targeted on single muscle groups (something hard to achieve through active physical exercise).

1 TONE– program for toning up and firming.
TUA EXCEL’s TONE program is able to provide really focussed body sculpting using the action of the excito-motor current which optimises trophism and muscular tone and drains liquids which have built up in the tissues. TONE exercises muscles with prolonged contractions followed by short relaxing pauses. This ensures demanding muscular work, comparable to a with gym workout with heavy weights (bodybuilding) and consequent intense vascularization which enables rapid recovery of muscular tone and mass.

2 SLIM – program for reducing adipose zones.
The excito-motor action of the SLIM program with its fast exercise (short contractions followed by equally short pauses for relaxation), comparable to aerobic workouts, submits the treated area to a dynamic muscular activity, which results in a considerable increase of local blood circulation and a consequent rise in temperature. This results in increased energy consumption without any strain.

– 1x Electronic belt with 2 pairs of electrodes
– 1x 9V alkaline battery
– 1x Stylish case
– 1x 1 extension for application onto any part of the body
– 1x spare sponge (4 pcs)
– 1x manual

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