SlickyBoard CLEAR Reusable Double Sided Sheets: 30×25 Inch Glue Free, Static Charged, Dry Erasable, Slideable, Eco-Friendly Writing Papers in 10 Pack – Only $9.00/Pack



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SlickyBoard CLEAR Reusable Double Sided Sheets: 30×25 Inch Glue Free, Static Charged, Dry Erasable, Slideable, Eco-Friendly Writing Papers in 10 Pack – Only $9.00/Pack

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The Best Innovative Improvement in Brainstorming


DOUBLE-SIDED – Write on both sides with no bleed through
REUSABLE – Static-clings to any flat surface
LARGE – 30” by 25” writing area
GLUE-FREE – US patented technology
REWRITABLE – Back side erasable
REMOVABLE – Slide/rearrange with no sticky residue
VERSATILE – Ballpoint pens, permanent or erasable markers, & more
EASY TO USE – Place on any clean, flat, hard surfaces
TRANSPORTABLE – Flexible so can be rolled up
ECO-FRIENDLY – 100% recyclable

SLICKYBOARDS give you the freedom to stick, slide, & reuse repeatedly while rearranging your ideas, concepts, & thoughts.

30”x25” boards
10 sheets
Front: Permanent
Back: Erasable

Clear, (See-through) Color

  • GLUE-FREE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Using US-patented adhesive-free technology, our SlickyNotes line of products remove the limits on where and how we can post our messages; with SlickyBoards, glue is a thing of the past; SlickyBoards cling to almost any hard, flat surface using electrostatic charge, including on walls, wallpaper, wood, glass, concrete, plastic, whiteboards, metal, and stainless steel without leaving any marks or sticky residue; they are 100% recyclable and non-toxic
  • INNOVATIVE BRAINSTORMING SIMPLIFIED: SlickyBoards by EcoStatic Industries is a major improvement over regular whiteboards in many ways because they can be written on both sides, one side is erasable, and they can slide, be repositioned, and reused repeatedly; recommended to be used with ballpoint pens or permanent and erasable markers, the 30 by 25 inch boards come in a pack of 10 in white or clear, perfect for any business, school, craft, or home project
  • DUAL WRITING SURFACES AND ERASABLE: Every SlickyNotes product is designed with both sides writeable, and one side is also dry-erasable; because there’s no binding material between the SlickyBoard and the surface, you can slide the product to move it or remove it completely and reapply as needed without losing its cling power; SlickyBoards will stay on exactly where and as you left them, beautifully flat against the surface for months at a time; being flexible, the sheets can be rolled up
  • MULTIPLE USES AND CHOICES: Every day our customers surprise us with their creative use of our products; so whether you’ll use our SlickyNotes Notes, Cards, Pads, and Boards in the classroom, conference room, home, office, or on-the-go, we’re excited to see how you’ll use SlickyBoards; as you’ll soon discover, the possibilities are endless; choose from mixed sets of bright or pastel colors with no marker bleed-through; they arrive with protective front and back covers


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