Pallet Deal of 162 Pieces – Aqua Camel Black Self Watering Planter System (1 & 3 Gallon)

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This listing is for a pallet deal of 162 Black colored planters.  You will receive 108 pieces of the 3 Gallon size and 54 pieces of the 1 gallon size with each order.

The Aqua Camel uses evapotranspiration, which naturally occurs in nature and brings that power into your indoor or greenhouse garden. As the plant needs more water the Aqua Camel delivers just the right amount of water to the plant’s roots, not too much and not too little. The difference is all in the design which leads to perfect hydration while ensuring that the plant’s roots stay perfectly healthy. This leads to more robust and healthier growth without the headaches and attention that is required by other growing methods.

  • Healthier Roots & Plants w/ Increased Rates of Growth
  • Higher Water Efficiency Cutting Down on Water use by up to 65%
  • Stores up to 90 days of water
  • No more issues of over or under watering plants
  • Making Growing Big Plants Easy & Attainable
  • Use Indoor or Outdoor

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Weight 450 lbs