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  • EXCELLENT WINE – Ovanto wine pump generates a perfect vacuum that wine from. You can finish your wine’s bottle up to 2 weeks later and still feel the same good taste as the first day you opened it.
  • SUPERB WINE BOTTLE STOPPERS – Ovanto wine pump comes with 2 rubber air sealer 2 steel pourers, reusable and easy to clean. Our wine stopper holds exceptionally well the vacuum generated inside the bottle, making it a perfect gift for a wine lover. Why buying a wine pump with too many wine stoppers, when you will hardly leave more than 2 unfinished bottles on your table? And not take the advantage of getting 2 stainless steel wine pourers?
  • UNIVERSAL FIT EASY TO USE – Our wine stoppers for wine bottles fit all types of wine bottles. You will be able to taste different wines while hosting your friends or at a family reunion. Insert the stopper into the bottle and pump until you feel. Your wine is now with Ovanto wine gifts for women and men.

Q: Does the Stopper work also on 1.5 L wine bottle?

A: Stoppers are made for standard wine bottle neck size 750 ml (0.75 L = 25.36 fl oz.). 1.5 L bottle is called Magnum. As long as internal of the bottle neck is the same size as the standard bottle size, the stoppers will work also on the Magnum bottles.

Q: Are the Stoppers leak free and can I lay the bottle on its side?

A: Yes you can. Be sure to pump the air out completely and then flip the bottle upside down to make sure that here is no leak, before you store your open bottle on its side.

Q: Are the Stoppers reusable?

A: Yes they are. They are washable and reusable. Use warm water and they will last for very long time. Do not wash them in the dishwasher though.

Q: Are the Stoppers working also on non-wine bottles, like whiskey bottles, for instance?

A: They work on any bottles, as long as the bottle neck opening is of the same or very similar size to a standard wine bottle.

Q: Does the Stopper work also on a sparkling wine bottle?

A: No, Stopper is intended for non-carbonated wine. A Carbonated drink needs air inside the bottle to keep its fizziness, which is just the opposite of what a non-sparkling wine needs. If you use them on sparkling wine, the risk is that the bottle will explode and cause injuries.

Q: How do I know when all air has been pumped out? Does the Stopper make a click sound?

A: When you fill resistance on the pump and pushing the shaft down or pulling it up has become hard, that’s when you can stop pumping. No, there is no click sound when it is sealed tight.

Q: How do I release the Stopper when I want to drink wine again?

A: On the top of the Stopper, right in the middle, there is a little overhanging valve. Tilt it to the side to let air in and then remove the Stopper easily with your hand.

Q: Does the wine stay preserved for up to 2 weeks from originally opened or last opened date?

A: The preservation period is from the originally opened date.


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