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Pilates Bar & Resistance

Resistance Bands

Weighted Ropeless Skipping Rope

GET A FULL BODY WORKOUT – Our exercise kit contains a cordless weighted jump rope, a Pilates bar, and 5 resistance loop bands. Work out every muscle group, from your upper body to your legs.
IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY – Our lightweight Pilates bar can help improve the flexibility of your muscles and joints through dynamic stretching exercises, which can lead to fewer body aches.
BURN MORE CALORIES – Did you know that more calories and fats are burned by jumping rope than by cycling or running? Lessen ankle injuries from tripping with our cordless jump rope!
INCREASE YOUR MUSCLE STRENGTH – Give your muscles an effective workout with our 5 color-coded resistance bands! It not only strengthens and tones your muscles, but it also adds variety to your exercises.
SPACE SAVING WORKOUT EQUIPMENT – Our fitness equipment won’t take up valuable space in your workout area. Simply put them in a small bag to store away in your cabinet when you’re done!

For many, going to the gym a few times a week isn’t practical, particularly if you’re a busy person. Spending a ton of cash for a home gym setup isn’t viable either if you don’t have the budget or an extra room.

One solution is to invest in small, portable equipment that you can effortlessly store in a cabinet when you’re done with your intense workouts. One might say that this is the ideal way to get fit if you’re short on space and have to work out in your living room or garage.

The Cordless Jump Rope with Pilates Bar and Resistance Bands might just be the solution to your fitness and space problems!

Our 3-in-1 fitness accessories bundle comes with all the essential tools you’ll need to give your whole body an intense, fat-burning workout! Forget about going to the gym just to use the weights bench or treadmill. Our equipment can easily offer you a wide variety of exercises for improving your strength and stamina.

Our cordless weighted jump rope features high-quality EVA material, a 270g solid ball on each end, and memory foam handles for a better, more comfortable grip. The 36-inch Pilates bar is fitted with thick memory foam, a TPR elastic rope, and non-slip foot loops for better traction during your exercises.

Our set of 5 resistance bands are made from 100% natural latex. They come in varying resistance levels so you can tailor-fit your exercises to a difficulty level that works for you.


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