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  • Great for gifting. Magnetic base measures 3.5-inch x 2.75 inches. Pieces come packaged together in a small poly bag. Individual pieces measure about .5″ each.
  • Pass the time by sculpting your own creations with this unique magnetic desktop toy. You can create an infinite number of designs. This is a must have for an office worker, student or just about anybody who loves to use their imagination to create things. 
  • Plastic magnetic base. Individual pieces are not magnetic unless they are attached to the base.
  • Pre-priced box ($9.99)


  • ARTFUL ANTIDOTE: Unleash the power of play and sway stress away with our magnetic sculpture set. Exquisitely designed and compact enough to fit on any desk, this artistic outlet offers a perfect escape from the rigors of work or school, helping you find calm amidst chaos in an innovative and enjoyable way.
  • DESK-SCAPING DELIGHT: It’s not merely a diversion from stress, but also a stylish addition to your work or home space. Take pride in displaying your self-crafted sculpture, an embodiment of your creativity, for all your colleagues, friends, or family to admire. Not only does it offer a relaxing pastime, but it also doubles as a conversation starter!
  • CREATIVITY, UNCHAINED: Unleash the full potential of your imagination by constructing your unique, gravity-defying sculpture. Our set comes complete with a magnetic base and versatile pieces that can be arranged in countless ways. In just minutes, you can transform from a novice to a seasoned sculptor, defying the laws of gravity and dazzling viewers with your creative prowess.

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