Loop Wizard Flexible Nylon Threading Needle

Loop Wizard Flexible Nylon Threading Needle

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Loop Wizard, one of the easiest ways to pull strings through your garments. Comes with 1 – 12″ loop needle and one 8 ” loop needle to use on various products. No more fighting to replace the string on that hoddie, or sweatpants, now do it the easy way with: THE LOOP WIZARD!!

  • Threading Needle Is Made Of Flexible Nylon
  • A Quick Way To Pull Cords, Ribbons And Elastic Through Any Garment
  • Restring Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Hoodys In Seconds
  • Replace Missing Strings Or Change Styles For A New Fashion Look In Seconds
  • 2 Pack One 12 Inch Loop Needle And One 8 Inch Loop Needle

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Weight 10 lbs