FOBnimarut Cat Deshedding Tool – Reduces Shedding – Item #6899

FOBnimarut Cat Deshedding Tool – Reduces Shedding – Item #6899

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Product features:

  • Colon cutter, 2-in-1 Combing Tool; Self-cleaning puffer; Animal Scraping Brush.
  • Type of animal-for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils.
  • Thickness of wool-for all types of wool.
  • The size of the animal is for small, medium and large breeds.

Specially designed Comb: Gently picks up the undercoat and combs it out of the main coat, without damaging the healthy coat, prevents the appearance of clumps and reduces the molt of the pet to 99%. It is enough to walk all over the body of the animal 2-3 times to get rid of the lost hair. It is desirable to repeat the procedure at least 1 time a week.

Deshedder guards: Prevent pressure on the skin and do not cause pain or other discomfort to pets, moreover, many pets really like this procedure. The brush makes a massage to the pet and improves blood circulation.

Ergonomic handle: The grooming comb is non-slip and provides fast operation, and a special button cleans the blade from combed wool. Has a reliable comb with strong, stiff steel teeth.

Technical features:

  • Product weight without packaging-180g
  • Product Weight with packaging-200g
  • Packing height-20 cm
  • Packing depth-5 cm
  • Length-15 cm
  • Width-7,5 cm
  • Blade length-6,5 cm
  • Blade height-0,6 cm
  • Blade material-stainless steel
  • Handle material-plastic/rubber
  • Number of teeth-64
  • Country of production-China
  • Deshedder Package 1 piece

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