EyeSnugs – Sleep Mask – Contoured Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs and Carry Pouch (2-Pack) – Only $2.50/Pack

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Get A Solid Day’s Sleep

Sometimes life doesn’t let you sleep at night, so you’re forced to try to catch your Z’s during the day or in situations where there’s a lot of ambient light.
But sometimes the sleep mask you use is so bulky and awkward, you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep for any length of time.

Announcing EyeSnugs: a feather-weight, memory foam sleep mask that molds to your face to block the most light but weighs so little that you’ll barely feel it on.
The Result: More of the sleep you need, when you need it.

No Light, No Noise: Blocking out light is great, but we know noise can be equally as detrimental when you’re trying to settle in for some much-needed rest. That’s why EyeSnugs includes earplugs as well.

Take Your Sleep Anywhere: We include two of each: sleep mask, earplugs and a handy travel pouch, so you can share your sleep with a partner or make sure you’ve got your trusty EyeSnugs in multiple locations.

REM: To really give your body and mind the rest they need, you need to achieve REM sleep. EyeSnugs facilitates that with larger eye cavities, enabling your eyes to attain the rapid movement necessary. Sweet dreams!

Sleep Anytime, Anywhere: Though we designed these for travel, they work equally well whether you’re working the graveyard shift or you need an afternoon nap. The flexible strap will fit any size head.

  • BLOCKS OUT ALL LIGHT: We’ve carefully developed the design of our eye mask for sleeping to ensure that light is fully blocked out when anyone wears them.
  • SLEEP MASK 2 PACK: 2 high quality sleeping masks included, which at this price is amazing value! And we’ve made them different colors so if you’re sharing your set with someone – there’s no confusion!
  • DEEP EYE HOLLOWS: There is no danger of your lashes interrupting your sleep in rapid eye movement (REM) with our deep concave contoured sleep mask design.
  • EAR PLUGS & CARRY POUCH INCLUDED: As is standard with sleep masks, we’ve included a set of ear plugs and carry pouch for each one. The only difference with ours is that you get two of everything!



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