ElbeeHome Reusable Hot + Cold Therapy Gel Pack Wrap for Pain Relief – Item #5755

ElbeeHome Reusable Hot + Cold Therapy Gel Pack Wrap for Pain Relief – Item #5755

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  • QUICK RELIEF – Elbee’s therapy gel pack provides fast relief from acute and chronic pain by delivering heat or chill therapy. The adjustable elastic straps fit to any body part adding an additional level of comfort and a greater level of mobility.
  • HEAT & CHILL THERAPY – The gel pack’s versatility offers pain relief with both heat and chill therapy. For heat therapy, the gel pack can be warmed by submerging it in boiling water and also placed in the microwave. For chill therapy, freeze the gel pack for 2 hours before use on sore muscles, aches or injuries.
  • REUSABLE / NON-TOXIC – Perfect for any part of the body, the gel pack by Elbee serves as a heating pad or ice pack which can be used to treat injuries, menstrual cramps, or chronic pain. The gel is composed of a non-toxic material, continually ensuring safe applications.
  • RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS – Trusted by doctors and physical therapists, Elbee’s gel pack provides lasting relief with its added leak-proof design and comfort straps. (Gel Pack Dimensions: 14.9” x 5.9”)
  • **BONUS** ICE PACKS – Receive additional alleviation from pain with two FREE bonus ice packs! (3.9” dia.)

Elbee Home premium pain relieving wrap around hot and cold gel pack.

The Elbee Home premium wrap around ice pack is the ideal accessory for common back pain, shoulder pain, relief. Reusable, easy to heat and cool, makes it a must have around the house or workplace.

Easy fastening and application makes it quick and easy to use.

For best use can be warmed in the microwave submerged in boiling in water for chilling results put in the fridge or freezer 2 hours prior to use.

The Elbee Home premium ice pack and cooling pad kit is easy to use. It cools, and heats up easily and quickly, making it ideal for pain relieving, back pain, postpartum upper and lower back pain, shoulder pain, or just for cooling off. Its strap on design makes it more comfortable that the traditional ice pack and allows you to wear it around your home or office with ease. Designed for repeated use, can easily be heated in the microwave (follow instructions) and cooled off in the freezer. Includes 2 gel ice pads for application on smaller harder to reach areas that are bruised or in need of or cold therapy.


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