Disney’s Frozen Plush Backpack Anna

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Whether you’re going to grandma’s or out for the night, children always love to take their things with them. They want to be like mommy and carry a purse. They want to be responsible for belongings just like an adult. Most importantly they want to take their prized stuffed animal EVERYWHERE! Now they can do all of those things! Fast Forward introduces this plush backpack. It is sure to be your child’s favorite belonging in no time. From the front is appears to be just like any other stuffed animal in their collection. But, the back features shoulder straps and a zippered compartment. They can store all of their little items and carry them around with easy. And when they get tired on the way home, they can snuggle up with their favorite character. It’s the easiest way to keep your child happy as well as your wallet!  Measures 15″ x 6″ and manufactured by Fast Forward.

  • ROLE MODEL AND FRIEND – Your little one will love bringing Anna out on the town with them. They’ll have lots of adventures with their free spirited friend, and you will feel good knowing that your child has a role model who embodies love and courage.
  • FUN AND FUNCTIONAL – Children will love carrying their favorite character everywhere they go. Finally, there’s an excuse to bring their toy into a restaurant. You’ll love that it serves a purpose and they can store all of the little things they want to take with them.
  • RICH DETAIL – No corners were cut in the making of this bag. Fast Forward ensures that this bag looks just like the character your child loves. Everything is made with the highest quality with you and your child in mind.
  • STORAGE IN STYLE – The zippered compartment is hidden on the back of the character so no one would know that is also storage. Kids will love feeling like they have a little secret with them and they’ll love that the zipper isn’t ruining the style of the bag.
  • FIT YOUR NEEDS, FIT YOUR SIZE – Not only is this bag fun and functional, but it is made for anyone. So what if it is a children’s character? The straps adjust to be comfortable on just about anyone for kids young and old.

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