Bakers Select Industrial Grade Cooking 11″ Heart-Shaped Cake Pan – Bakeware

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11″ Heart Shaped Cake Pan-  11.00″(L)  x  9.50″(W)  x  1.50″(D)

Bake the most adorable cakes for someone special with a heart shaped cake pan. These fabulous pans are available in a 9-inch and 11-inch size which makes making the most stunning tiered cakes easy. Chocolate, vanilla or another flavor entirely, the choice is yours, but whatever you choose these heavy gauge, high quality pans will bake up perfect cakes every time. With a great non-stick finish, they will help even the stickiest cakes release and they will resist warping even in the highest heats. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe so cleaning up is always easy with these pans!

These heart shaped cake pans are industrial grade which means that they are the perfect pan for both home and professional kitchens. Their heavy construction means that cakes will cook without burning on the bottom and with high sides, spillage is never an issue. Bake the most adorable cakes, brownies, breads and much more with these versatile pans.

  • Two convenient 9” and 11” sizes
  • Non-stick finish for easy baking
  • Dishwasher safe heart shaped cake pans make cleanup easy
  • Unique heart shaped pans make heart shaped cakes
  • Industrial grade for years of use

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