4 Piece – Snowball Maker Snow Toy Kit – Beach Sand Tools – 4 Different Tools – Item #6190

4 Piece – Snowball Maker Snow Toy Kit – Beach Sand Tools – 4 Different Tools – Item #6190

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  • You will receive 30 four-piece snowball making clips, and the clips will come in random colors, there are 4 different shapes, sufficient for you to use in winter, the snowball making clips can be your helpful tools when you go outdoors to play with snow.
  • Reliable material: our snowball maker toys are made of plastic, not easy to break and the color is not easy to fade, so you can use them for a long time, the clips are in lightweight, convenient for you to take outdoors, the clips are not likely to freeze in the snow, you can use them in cold weather.
  • Cute style: our snowball maker tools are in 4 different shapes, 1 piece of each style, all of them are cute and lovely, the 4 styles of clips are very cute and looks vivid, the bright color can also bring you light mood in the cold winter and snowy days.
  • Easy to use: our snow ball clips have handles for you to hold, the clips are not easy to slip, so you can grab them steadily when making snow balls, it is very easy for you to make snowballs with our clips, you just need to stick them in the snow and let snow stuffed; The size for the tool is suitable for most of people, which will not be too big for you.
  • Enjoy the snowball fight: our snow toys kit is very useful when you are in a snowball fight, with the tool you can make snowballs very quickly, and you do not need to touch the freezing snow directly, so you can keep your hands from frozen while enjoying the snow fight, and the snowball maker can make snowball in proper size, will not cause too much pain to your friends in snowball fight.

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