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HJ Closeouts is one of the largest wholesalers of closeouts in the United States. We’re here to help meet all your FBA needs by giving you access to rock-bottom pricing for thousands of products in a wide range of categories. The best part, we’re always adding to our inventory every week.

Why H&J Closeouts Is Your Best FBA Partner

  • Rock bottom pricing on thousands of products
  • Newly added items every week
  • Wide range of categories
  • Nearly all of our products have UPC & GS1’s
  • Easily Downloadable spreadsheets that can be uploaded to Amazon or your favorite tools


  • How do we buy?
    • Check out on our website like normal, and leave your details in the comment section.
  • Do you follow Amazon prep requirements?
    • yes, of course! We make the process easy for you, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Do I need an account?
    • No, but it’s better if you do! You can create one at checkout.
  • How do you take payments?
    • When you checkout you can use Credit Card or, PayPal.
  • I have a large order, can I call you?
    • Of course! Call us at (224) 567-6030

responsibility of any Item that is restricted to sell on Amazon or
restricted to send to FBA. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make
sure before buying that he/she is eligible to sell this Item on Amazon
and the item is not restricted to sending to FBA. All sales are final, we are not responsible for any brand issues. Read more 

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