More and more people are now joining the Instagram train. And it’s not just the millennials! Instagram boasts itself of having more than 500 million active users worldwide (with 80% residing outside the United States).

So if you want to reach a global audience, Instagram is the way to go. You can grow your brand and your business sales with Instagram. But how do you do it?

Here we outline some tips that could help you grow your business on Instagram!

The Essential Tips for Selling on Instagram

  1. Don’t be afraid to sell on Instagram.

Many want to keep their Instagram profiles personal, which is understandable. If you have a store that’s linked to your name, don’t be afraid to sell your products! This is even more important for companies (that aren’t linked to personal profiles). Believe it or not, users actually love seeing your products on Instagram. So post those product shots and don’t hold back!

  1. Quality and consistency are key.

Instagram is primarily a platform for sharing photos, so make sure that they’re of top quality! You can’t have low-quality photos on your feed. #FeedGoals is a thing on Instagram, so keep your content curated. Make your followers want to buy and own your products!

But you shouldn’t stop and rely on quality alone. Consistency should also be a priority for business profiles on Instagram. No one wants to follow an Instagram feed that’s only updated once a month! But don’t fill their feed with unnecessary stuff, too. Strike a balance between quality and consistency.

  1. Engage your market.

Some of your followers may leave comments on Instagram posts. Do not let this opportunity pass! With these, you can address their questions and concerns. Reply to their comment and/or message them personally! Be professional, friendly, and creative with your responses. Customer service is a relationship, and this still rings true when you do business on Instagram.


  1. Advertise your products.

If you really want to target your market and increase engagement, advertise on Instagram. Choose the best photos that could attract more followers and likely customers! You can even add promotions to these advertisements. You can also use Instagram’s new tools for businesses to get insights on your market.

  1. Make purchasing easy for your Instagram followers.

You can advertise all you want on Instagram. But those efforts will be in vain if you don’t convert those to actual purchases! You can add a link to your bio, which can direct your followers to your online store. You can also utilize Instagram’s new “Buy Now” button! This lets people purchase products on Instagram directly. Use creative marketing language to entice your followers to purchase your products and services!

Increase Your Business Sales on Instagram

As you now know, Instagram isn’t just for pretty pictures, food porn, or cute dogs. It can be a great way for you to engage your target market effectively. And as big companies now know, you can advertise and even sell more using this social media platform!

Start planning for your Instagram marketing strategy today. Keep our tips in mind, and happy selling on Instagram!