Zing Zax Axe Throwing Fun – Sticks to Walls, Doors and Ceilings – Item #6390

Zing Zax Axe Throwing Fun – Sticks to Walls, Doors and Ceilings – Item #6390

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Bring the Axe-Throwing Trend Home with Zax

Zax is an easy-to-use foam ax that suctions onto flat surfaces.

The ax-throwing craze is the new escape room when it comes to exciting group activities. But kids throwing axes seems a bit questionable. That’s where Zax, from Zing Toys, comes into play.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Zax brings the ax-throwing trend home in a completely safe way because almost the entire toy is made of foam. It is shaped like an ax and has three foam suction cups on the “blade,” which will stick to most flat surfaces.

Kids can compete to see who can toss the ax and get it to stick, or they can aim it at a target if they want to play solo. It works best when standing about six steps away from the target, but moving even farther away will give kids more of a challenge if they are more competitive.

The foam material is firm enough that it won’t get bent out of shape, but it’s soft enough that it can even stick to windows without damaging them. Kids can also throw it at walls, doors, ceilings, and more, but if parents don’t want things flying around in the house, it makes a great active toy for outdoor play, too.

While it is a pretty simple toy at its core, kids can get creative with how they throw it to show off for their friends. They can throw it one-handed like a baseball, throw it two-handed starting from behind their head for more power, or throw it under-handed if they want to get really fancy. No matter how they play, we’re all for getting kids up off the couch with some good, ol’ active play!



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