YUNEEC Smart Flying 18 Drone – Bluetooth Controlled for iphones Only

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Real Fun Drone!  Durable.  The Smart Flying 18 is a chic mini drone from Yuneec. You control the drone via your  iphone using the Smart Flying app.  Fly it indoors or outdoors.
ONLY WORKS ON iphones!!!!!!
Download the Smart Flying app on your iphone by Yuneec International
Suitable for beginners and advanced pilots.  The drone is easy to control. It has customizable modes.

Range: approximately 30 Feet

Flight time: 7-10 minutes

Charging time: approximately 15 minutes

Dimensions: 140mm x 140mm x 37mm

Weight: 18g

What’s included in the box:

– 1x Quadcopter

– 1x 3.7V 150mAh Battery
– 1x USB port for charging


1. Remove the battery from the drone and insert into USB

2. insert your USB into computer USB port to charge the battery

3. After the battery has charged, place battery back into drone and insert the plug from the drone into the battery

4: Download the Smart Flying App by Yuneec International on your iphone

5: Connect via bluetooth and you are ready to start flying!

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