Youth White Sleeveless Sports Protective Compression Shirt – Reduce Injury

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Achaean’s Protective impact shirt is designed to wear underneath pads, jersey or uniform for extra protection from hits.  Lightweight, flexible foam pads on the chest and back shoulders absorb impact, while the compression fit supports your young athlete.  Comes in assorted Youth Sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium and Large).  You will receive an assortment of sizes.

A fully functional, fitted protective sports shirt with full upper body, flexible contoured padding allowing full mobility. Designed for heavy contact in the most sensitive areas of the upper-body susceptible to injury, i.e. AC joint, clavicle/collarbone, while reducing impact blows to chest cavity and back shoulder blade, the thick yet flexible compression padding is designed to sustain all levels of contact and rigorous sports, i.e. tackle football, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, mountain biking and motorcross to name a few. Our padding covers a higher percentage of the upper body points common to contact sport injuries and with thicker padding that other protective garments do not offer in one shirt.

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