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  • 【12 Pcs Value Detailing Brush Set】(1) 17″ long handle wheel brush, (5) different size car detailing brushes, (3) wire brushes, (1) car wash mitt, (1)cleaning towel and (1) microfiber wax applicator. Full Car cleaning kit
  • 【17″ Long Soft Tire Brush 】 The wheel brush is composed of a flexible aluminum rod with soft bristles. The wheel cleaning brush features a 360 arbitrary bending ability, so wheel rim brush can easily reach deep in the inner wheel, spokes, alloy wheel slots, and any other tough to reach areas. Remove dirt and oil stains without scratching any rims.
  • 【5 Different Sizes Car Detailing Brushes 】 This Auto detailing brush set are perfect for all of your cleaning needs. The smaller detailing brush can get into all the little cracks, nooks, lug nuts or other tight spaces. The lager detailing brush is perfect for cleaning the exterior more efficiently – Such as wheels, air vent, car seats, engine bay, dashboard, emblems and so on.
  • 【3 Steel Wire Brushes 】 There are 3 wire brushes included –  1 stainless steel brush, 1 brass brush and 1 nylon brush. The Brass brush is to clean the unfinished metal parts, paint stains, etc. stainless steel is suitable for cleaning steel parts, paint stains, special corrosion without damaging surfaces. Nylon brush is to clean tile, grouting around tubs, sinks and windows. These wire brushes are smooth and durable. Can be also used for small engine parts, dirt, rust, paint, etc.
  • 【Wash Mitt & Cleaning Towels & Microfiber Wax Applicator】 Premium car wash mitt keeps your car clean without scratching it. Ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber towels can soak up water instantly and will not scratch paints, coats, or other soft surfaces. There is a sizeable finger pocket on the wax applicator pads so that you can easily and conveniently use them to spread glaze, sealant, wax, or dressing on any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. 100% MACHINE WASHABLE.

Package include:

1Pcs 16.3 inches long wheel rim brush

5 different sizes of car detailing brushes

3 wire brushes

1 car wash mitt

1 microfiber cleaning towel

1 microfiber wax applicator


Brush Material: Premium Boar hair & Synthetic fiber.

Handle Material: High-quality PP plastic handle

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Weight 15 lbs