XCAP – Adjustable Cotton Twill Baseball Cap with Sunglass Holder Retractors – Navy Blue

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This unique baseball hat is made out of a Cotton twill material and features an adjustable Velcro Strap Back.    Each hat features built in retractable eyewear holders that attach to most sun, prescription and safety glasses. Once your glasses are attached, the retractors glide in and out. This innovative design keeps both your glasses and your hat from falling off.

The patented design is very unique. Tiny custom retractors are set into a pocket on the inside band of the cap and located behind your ears. When you wear or look at the product, you don’t see or feel the retractors.   All you see are the universal eyeglass attachments that pass through the grommet and suspend outside the cap.
When your glasses are attached, they are held in place with slight pressure. Not enough to feel, but plenty to keep your glasses from falling off your face or the brim of your cap. When you have your glasses on your face and your cap comes off, it just flips back and stays put.
Great for Boating, Golfing, Driving or just about any outdoor activity you are doing.
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