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  • Simple, Fast, Safe, Portable! wiOnes 2022 new pocket wine opener works as fast as an electric wine opener but do not need batteries or recharge. It comes with a built-in foil cutter and equipped with wiOnes brand new patented air pressure safeguard technology. This compact pen-shape opener fit into any pocket of your daily wears.
  • No more pulling twisting and broken cork pieces, slid in the needle and pump the cork out within seconds. wiOnes pocket wine opener saves you from all the hassles of opening wine bottles.
  • The wiOnes new patented air pressure safeguard technology has solved all the safety risks from the traditional air pump wine openers. Now you don’t need to worry about any low-quality wine bottles explode due to excessive air pumped in. Our new technology will limit the air pressure in the bottle to 6pa. Bottles will never break due to excessive internal air pressure.
  • wiOnes pocket wine opener is designed for minimize its size and maximize its portability. Now the foil cutter is built into its compact pen style body. Makes it much smaller than electric wine openers and screw level pullers. With a size of a waiter’s corkscrew, wiOnes pocket wine opener features all the convenience of an electric wine opener.
  • wiOnes pocket wine opener is ideal for restaurant, bar, café, home, picnic and camping. It also makes a great small gift for your friends and loved ones. 

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