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Xylifloss Pocket Dental Flosser offers a fast and comfortable way to floss. You never have to touch the floss while flossing, nor do you need to place your fingers in your mouth. To allow you to floss during the day, the Xylifloss Pocket Dental Flosser features a hygienic travel cap to allow you to carry the product with you throughout the day. Xylifloss is coated with xylitol which fights cavities, plaque and bad breath naturally.

Xylifloss Pocket Dental Flosser is:

  • Easy to use Hygienic
  • Economical
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Recommended by Dentists and hygienists
  • Contains enough floss for over 250 uses!

Xylifloss Pocket Dental Flosser is a revolution in flossing, providing ease of comfort and convenience when compared with conventional floss, or other flossing products. There is no need to touch the floss, or put your fingers in your mouth while flossing. With its patented system, the floss tension remains taut while flossing.

Consumer Advantages:

  • 250 Flossing per unit
  • Hygienic Travel Cap
  • Patented system maintains tautness of floss
  • Discard bacteria-laden floss after use
  • 17 meters of floss

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