Wholesale Exciting Crazy Bones Things Game in a Foil Pack

Wholesale Exciting Crazy Bones Things Game in a Foil Pack

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This fun and exciting Crazy Bones Game comes in a foil pack that contains 4 crazy bones, stickers, & Game Card. Characters 61-120. Crazy Bones are great for collecting, but they are fun for playing as well. Rules of the game: 1. Each player in turn lines up 5 GoGo’s at a distance of approximately 5 CMS. 2. You throw the first GOGO into the air and quickly try to pick up the second GOGO and catch the first one before it falls. If you are able to do this, you replace the second GOGO and repeat the action with the third GOGO and so on… 3. Next you throw the first GOGO in the air and try to pick up two GOGO’s at the same time before it falls. 4. After that you throw the first GOGO again and try to pick up a minimum of 3 GOGO’s and catch it before it falls. 5. When a player makes a mistake another player takes their turn. 6. The winner is the first player who finishes the complete exercise without any mistakes. 7. If you are playing for “keeps” the winner picks a GOGO from each player. Each foil pack is UPC coded and retailed for $2.29 Each. Comes in a nice picture box display.

Buy Crazy Bones, Games, Toys Games items at low prices. Crazy Bones are fun, colorful, game pieces that you can collect and trade with your friends!Crazy Bones were inspired by a game played in Ancient Greece called astragals, where children played with sheep’s knuckle bones  This ancient pastime is also known as Tabas. Crazy Bones is a modernization of this game that is made of characters molded from plastic. There were hundreds of individual characters, each character had a unique face and name. The different shapes of the figures caused them to bounce in different patterns, making some crazy bones more advantageous to own.

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