VITALITY Expandable Garden Water Hose – Stronger Deluxe Outdoor 50 Feet – Green

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  • HIGH VOLUME SPRAY and INTEGRATED VALVE – This hose will allow you to choose the intensity of the spray. With it you could hose down difficult spots on your car or gently drizzle your puppy. The solid brass valve at the end of your hose allows you to change water pressure without walking back and forth to your faucet.
  • EASY TO USE & LIGHTWEIGHT – No need for you to lift and carry heavy equipment. No need to drag the hose around the garden. With VITALITY’s expandable hose you won’t feel any resistance when pulling the hose from place to place. The hose is flexible and will expand to 3 times its original length. It easily retracts to its original length for easy storage.
  • MANY USES – This perfect length allows you to use it for all of your needs! Water your garden, wash your pet, wash the car, hose down your boat and fill up the pool! The hose connector fits most spray nozzles.
  • DOESN’T KINK OR TANGLE DURABLE – This hose won’t disappoint you. There is no breakage or kinks like regular hoses have and the hose itself is durable.

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