Vaportini Complete Kit – Alcohol, Liquor, Spirit, Vaporizer, Inhaler, Vape

Vaportini Complete Kit – Alcohol, Liquor, Spirit, Vaporizer, Inhaler, Vape

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The revolutionary Vaportini is an awesome new way to enjoy alcohol. Using this deluxe alcohol vaporizer, spirits are absorbed directly into your bloodstream through inhalation. Simply warm the alcohol over a candle flame until it vaporizes, and inhale through the included hand-blown glass straw. Suitable for use with all types of spirits, flavors become more smooth and fragrant, heightening the taste experience. Vaporizing alcohol removes unwanted calories and carbohydrates, and eliminates any impurities. Because the effects of alcohol are felt immediately, it’s easier to control consumption, and enjoy your spirits responsibly. The Vaportini deluxe alcohol vaporizer includes an engraved pint glass, a beautiful globe and straw, a metal ring to support the globe while warming, a plastic funnel, and one tea light candle.

  • Six piece set with globe, straw, pint glass, support ring, funnel, and tea light candle
  • Deluxe set contains everything you need. Just add alcohol.
  • Recommended 1 ounce of spirits per use
  • Please enjoy responsibly

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Weight 12 lbs