Utility Poultry Chicken & Meat Kitchen Scissor Shears with Magnetic Sheath

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No kitchen should be without these high quality trendy orange and gray kitchen shears. They can be used to cut and prepare raw poultry, beef, fish, lamb and other meats, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. These sharp, durable shears are excellent for trimming the fat off of meats to provide lean, healthy meals for your family. Unlike poultry shears, these durable scissors can be used for just about anything you need to cut, slice and dice in your kitchen. The soft, rubber grip on the handles provides comfort when slicing through tougher items, such as partially frozen chicken. When you are finished using these multi-purpose scissors, toss them in the dishwasher and store them on your fridge, your stove/range top or magnetic surface. They will never get lost in your utility drawer because the sheath has powerful magnets that keep the shears in place.

  • • Our Quality shears come with a magnetic sheath allowing you to ALWAYS know where your scissors are!
  • • Our fun orange and gray scissors will help your food cooking be more enjoyable providing a strength and reliable utility device
  • • Our kitchen shears work on all types of meats (chicken, lamb, pork, crab, or any other type of poultry or game)
  • • Top of the line quality with a soft grip that feels great in your hand to maximize utility and comfort

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