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  • FUNCTIONAL AND RELIABLE: This stainless-steel paper towel holder applies just the right amount of tension to any standard-sized paper towel roll for a simple and easy tug and pull one-handed tear. Effortless convenience for everyday use.
  • LUXURIOUS PREMIUM COUNTERTOP ACCESSORY: The paper towel holder features a minimalist design and contemporary finish; this paper towel holder will look luxurious in any kitchen. The compact holder takes up little space on your countertop, workspace or dining table, leaving more space for food, décor, or storage items.
  • FLEXIBLE & ORIGINAL HIGH-QUALITY CHOICE: Unlike traditional mounted paper towel dispensers that are fixed in place, Twelve Homes paper towel holder gives you the flexibility and ease of moving to where it’s needed the most. It is original in design and boast high end quality with every piece.
  • STRONG, STURDY AND SLEEK: The sleek sturdy stainless steel looks modern while boasting old-fashioned durability quality, functionality and design. The circular base is sturdy and does not lean or tip easily, making it convenient to tear off a paper towel as and when needed. Overall, this gives it a sturdy yet light-weight design that is complementary to your kitchen interior countertops/ dining area.
  • LONG LASTING: Durability and sustainable long term.
  • Measures 13.7″ Tall

Introducing Twelve Homes Stand Up Paper Towel Holder
Twelve Homes Paper towel holder is made with high end premium material. A design collaboration by bespoke kitchen item designers features simple, elegant product lines and a modern clean finishing sure to enhance your kitchen decor.

Twelve Homes paper towel holder is always within reach when you need it the most. This luxurious counter-top holder provides a sturdy strong base for one roll of towels, allowing you to tear off sheets by hand quickly and smoothly.

Durable Metal Construction & Modern Finishing
Featuring a stainless steel finishing and strong, lasting construction, the Twelve Homes paper towel holder keeps your roll in place and accessible wherever you set it.

Weighted Base & Anti-scratch surface
The weighted base provides a strong support that does not topple easily. Featuring a padded, weighted base, the Twelve Homes holder protects your countertops from scratches, and provides extra traction for tearing off individual sheets.

One-Handed Tear Every Time
Twelve Homes paper towel holder has been engineered to provide just the right amount of resistance to hold the core of any standard size paper towel roll in place so you get an effortless one-handed tear each time you use it.

Easy to Load and Easy to Use
The weighted base has a diameter of 5.9 inches which helps prevent it from toppling over, and ensures it stays in place each time you tear off a sheet.

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