TRURIM Paint Brush Wiper/Rest – Snaps onto Gallon and Quart Size Paint Cans

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This “Paint Brush Wiper / Rest” :

– prevents paint from spilling over the can rim onto the outside of the can. No more mess!
– prevents paint can lid reseal problems due to paint collecting on the can rim.
– prevents paint can lid removal & deformation problems, which occur during the opening of a paint can with dried paint on the can rim.
– quickly attaches to the side of a paint can with one easy quick push-on snapping motion.
– allows the painter to wipe excess paint from a paint brush onto the “Paint Brush Wiper / Rest” and not onto the paint can rim.
– allows the painter to rest a wet paint brush onto the “Paint Brush Wiper / Rest” and not onto the paint can rim during those idle painting moments.
– is positioned to one side of the paint can opening to allow for smooth paint brush access to the paint.
– has a unique mounting mechanism that attaches to different manufacturers’ paint cans.
– attaches to gallon or quart cans.
– detaches quickly with one easy downward motion to unsnap it from the paint can.
– makes cleanup simpler than ever by wiping clean the “Paint Brush Wiper / Rest”.
– complements any paint brush painting activity when painting from a paint can.
– can be used efficiently with other painting accessories.
– 7is durable and easy to use for all painters.
– store away in preparation for the next painting job.

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