Tower Pong Tailgating Drinking Game with Cups and Ping Pong Balls

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  • Game contains Tower Pong game piece, 4 mini cups, 4 ping pong balls and a carrying bag
  • Can be played without alcohol to 21 points, or played as a traditional “beer pong” game
  • Will fit on most water, soda, beer, wine or liquor bottles
  • It’s durable, yet portable – Perfect for college dorms, apartments, tailgating, camping, cookouts, etc

If beer pong and quarters had a child, it would be Tower Pong! Tower Pong is a new, adult themed game that you can take and play anywhere. It can be played on a small table or even on top of a cooler on the beach. It’s perfect for dorms, apartments, camping, tailgating and cookouts!
OBJECT: To bounce a ping pong ball into all 4 cups in the correct order before the other player(s).
Place the center hole of the red game piece over the neck of a glass bottle (or if using plastic, fill the bottle with water and replace cap) to anchor the game piece. Push down firmly on the game piece to secure it to the bottle.
Place one cup in each of the 4 holes. A beverage can be poured into each cup or the cups can be left empty and the players can drink out of separate containers (recommended).
PLAY: Players position themselves in front of one of the cups. If there are more than 4 players, the bottle can be spun to face the shooter. Play by the instructions (included) or come up with your own rules!