Three Sheep Baby Soother White Noise Sleep Sound Machine

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  • Six sounds to choose from:lullaby, rain, ocean, white noise,shush,fetal heartbeat.
  • Tumbler shape design:the shape of the tumbler is exquisite and lovely.
  • User-friendly features: head and bottom set rotation axis, head rotation control switch and volume. The bottom rotation allows you to select the sound. The sound machine has a voice-activated sensor. When the baby sound exceeds 70db, it will automatically turn on.
  • Small size, easy to carry: When taking the baby out for a walk, the sound machine can be hung on the stroller. If it is for adults, it can also be packed in a bag, so it can be carried when traveling or camping.
  • We provide: three months of quality assurance and service guarantee, we will support refunds in case of any quality problems or any doubts in three months, or any dissatisfaction with the products. The package includes a sound machine, USB cable, and instructions.

Baby Soother Sound Machine, Three Sheep Soothing White Noise Machine Portable Sleep Therapy to Help The Baby Sleep and Relax.

DC (5V/1A) input: power adapter (input AC100-240V, 50/60HZ; output DC5V, 1A).

Lithium battery charging:

When the power adapter is connected, the internal lithium battery can be charged. During the charging process, it will light red light.

When it is full, it will light green. The charging time is about 3 hours (when the product is not working).

package include:

1*baby soother machine

1*USB adapter & cable

1*user manual

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