Think IQ Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles – Pre-Priced $9.99- Only $1.00 each

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  • Amazing IQ toys – These educational wooden brain teaser puzzles will challenge your intellect by stimulating amazing creativity. Great for children and adults.
  • Assemble the different wooden pieces into a diamond shape. Precision assemble non-identical pieces into a 3D shape. Challenging 3D puzzle game. Can you put the small pieces of wood together to create the three-dimensional shape?
  • You will receive an assortment of brain teaser puzzles as pictured and each puzzle has various degrees of difficulty
  • For every occasion! Perfect for kids and adults of all ages for Christmas gifts, office gifts, etc. 3D brain teaser they can take anywhere – even on the airplane!
  • Pre-Priced $9.99 Each

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