The Halloween Happening Kids Book and Plush Toy Set

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The Halloween happening is a Halloween tradition all about decoding a special message. After you give the plush pumpkin character a name, he comes to life and he watches over you to make sure you behave. Your pumpkin has a special message to give you that he will decide on. He will determine how long the message is as well as how many days he comes out before Halloween. Let’s say the pumpkin wants to say “hello” (5 letters), then he will greet you five days before Halloween. Perhaps the message is “I love you” (8 letters), then your pumpkin will come out eight days before Halloween. Your pumpkin could make this a tradition lasting a couple of days or a month, depending on the letter count of the message. Now, each morning your pumpkin will be holding in his hand a number. You must write down the number each day and on the morning of Halloween, the last number is given and the decoding begins you will receive a decoding chart to unlock your message on Halloween.

  • Promotes reading, writing, problem solving, math and working together
  • Halloween book and plush toy set
  • Halloween tradition for the whole family
  • Includes: Hardcover Book, A Plush Toy Pumpkin Character (7 Inches Tall), 26 Numbered cards & Decoding Chart

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