The Fit Buzz Desktop Punching Bag with Air Pump

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  • HIGH DURABILITY SUCTION CUP that can take your repeated punches without warping or breaking
  • NO RESIDUE, CUSTOM-FIT STICKY GEL PAD included so the suction cup will never come loose – gel pad is washable for restored stickiness
  • EASY SET UP with air pump included in the box – simply give the ball a few pumps to get it punching ready!
  • HIT IT WITH YOUR BEST SHOT with a resilient spring that swings the ball back – test your reflexes and challenge your friends to see who can get the most punches in!
  • FUN STRESS RELIEVER whether you’re in the office swinging a few punches for a good laugh with the colleagues or at home in need of a mini punching bag at your fingertips

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Weight 24 lbs