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Thairapy 365 Wet or Dry Flat Iron New In Box. Condition is “New”. $120 suggested retail 

Improve the health of your hair with our Wet or Dry Straightening Iron, which locks in nutrients and keeps your hair hydrated. Skip the step of blow drying, which can cause heat damage to your hair by saving time. Conveniently skip a step and go on to the step of straightening your damp locks. Though it is not required, also keep in mind that for extra protection and styling ability a thermal spray can be applied. The specialized plates and steam outlets on the flat iron fortify hair and with each section of hair straightened, the cuticles become moisturized and strong again. Mange thick and course hair with each swipe of the flat iron and be amazed how fast the Wet or Dry will do its job straightening and drying locks concurrently. 
In addition, wider plates were designed at 1.5 inches each for the flat iron and were designed to make styling even more proficient. Efficiently shorten your styling time by straightening a larger section of hair that a normal flat iron does not offer. There is also a fantastic way to control which setting works for your tresses. The Wet or Dry Flat Iron offers variable temperature control and steam settings, which allows you to decide which setting is right for your hair. Did you forget your hair dryer on a trip? You control your damp locks with a Wet or Dry Flat Iron that completes all of the steps for you, no panicking needed.

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