TALSWEL Fitness Training Hip/Booty Resistance Band Set – 3 Pack – Only $5.00/Set

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  • TALSWEL: PACK of 3 Booty-Hip-Leg-Thigh Resistance Bands – Fitness Training Bands
  • DURABLE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE, HIGH-QUALITY resistance bands are designed to meet the demands of your fitness routine. Made of thick strong fabric and flexible non-slip elastic, each inner latex band is reinforced with rows of strong stitches, made to last for long term performance and strength building workouts.
  • RESISTANCE STRENGTHS: This fitness set includes 3 resistance bands (1-Light Resistance Band, 1-Medium Resistance Band, and 1-Heavy Resistance Band). Different strengths allow more exercising options from minimal stretch to optimal flexibility. Perfect for beginner, intermediate and experienced skill level workouts. Achieve your fitness goals with one, two or all three resistance bands.
  • MULTIPLE ROUTINES: Great for personal training routines and popular programs such as Peloton (non-cycle programs), P90X, Insanity, Pilates, CrossFit, and other workouts. Get closer to obtaining and maintaining the body you desire. Our bands are great for a variety of exercise routines such as squats, lunges, glute bridge, donkey kicks, crab leg walking and more. Use exercise resistant bands to tone and strengthen your glutes, thighs and legs, to create that perfect shape with the curvy butt.
  • TRAVEL BAG: This fitness set includes a pack of 3 resistance exercise bands, plus a convenient travel bag. Exercise any time, any place. Great for workouts at home, in the park, in the gym. Why not get started? No need to wait. Get in shape, stay in shape, NOW!

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