Suction Cup Dog Food Dispensing Toy Chew Ball

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  •  Keep your dog active and happy-The act of biting down on something, pulling and tugging at it is just a healthy display of the dog’s nature; The unique design of our chew toys make them the perfect indoor pet toy, allows your pets to play by themselves, encourages them to stay active and happy.
  •  Ideal for dental hygiene and pet bite- Strong and durable rubber ball helps your dog teeth stay clean and relieves the pressure which in turn reduces destructive behavior; Equally suitable for pets bites, your furry friends will use their energy towards something that will not harm you or your belongings.
  • Strong and durable tug-of-war toy-Our chew & entertain indestructible toys is made from high quality, risk free and durable materials, this dog toy is meant to last; Wear-resistant but also flexible and soft, so dogs of all sizes and ages will have fun.
  •  4 in 1 Fun Dog Toy- Well not just an interactive toy, much more; A teeth cleaner, molar function and slow feeder in one brilliant toy for your best furry friend; For an active and healthy feeding just fill the dog chew toys ball with your dog’s favorite treats, it’ll spill out while playing.

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