Straight and Ceramic Premium 3 Stage Knife Sharpener by LiveSharp – Black

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There are few things more frustrating than working with a dull knife. There are also few things more dangerous.

A dull knife is more difficult to control. A dull blade could slip and accidentally gets directed into your finger or hand. It will only be a matter of time before your cut yourself badly, therefore the time to invest in a good knife sharpener is now.

Introducing LiveSharp Premium Kitchen & Outdoor Knife Sharpener. This excellent kitchen tool features an impressive knife-sharpening system that allows you to sharpen straight-edge and ceramic knives with precision in just seconds.

Lightweight and ergonomic, this convenient sharpener is safe and easy to use. sharpens dull knives in just seconds and features a slip-resistant handle and cushioned base for a more stable and secure operation.

From Kitchen to Hunting Knives, this is the only knife-sharpening tool that you need. A 3-Stage Sharpening System For unparalleled precision knife sharpening, the LiveSharp Premium Kitchen & Outdoor Knife Sharpener features not one, but three specially designed sharpening slots, which gives you the power to sharpen and hone dull knives in no time to produce a smooth and finished polish.

  • SAFETY FIRST – Your Safety is very important to us and we believe we have proven that by making the most safe and durable knife sharpener around. The firm grip handle and anti slip resting pads will allow you to focus on the task at hand
  • STEEL & CERAMIC – Sharpen multiple blade types with the LiveSharp Premium Knife Sharpener. From steel to ceramic blades, have them sharp and back to work in seconds
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Celebrate any occasion with a Premium Knife Sharpener. A gift that makes any activity from the kitchen to the hunting lodge more enjoyable and safe. Great for weddings, housewarmings, graduations, and any holiday
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR – Wherever you use your knives the LiveSharp Premium Knife Sharpener will have them sharper than ever in just seconds

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