STELLAR 6 Piece Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set with Stand

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No More Frustration!

Never finding the utensil you need? Get the Stellar Rotating Tool Stand & Utensil Set! It comes packed with 6 kitchen tools that include a soup ladle, skimmer, spoon, slotted spoon, spaghetti server, and slotted turner. And these aren’t your regular utensils that seem to rust or break in no time; not at all! The utensil heads are designed using 100% virgin nylon that never rusts, doesn’t scratch your pans, and is sturdy enough to handle the weight of all your dishes. No More Mess!

Thanks to the raised up handle, the utensil head never touches the countertop, which prevents any mess while promoting proper hygiene. But here’s the clincher. The rest that elevates the handle is made using top-grade nylon, unlike the competition that uses regular rubber, which bends and melts. As long as you don’t leave the cooking utensils in the pots and pans while cooking, you’ll be assured of unmatched service for years to come. STELLAR Utensil Set is your Top Rated Choice:

-Easy to Clean. Dishwasher Safe

-Hanging Holes with Utensil Stand

-High Heat Resistance up to 480°F

-Premium Nylon for strength & durability

– BPA-free, Latex-Free & FDA Certified Food-Grade

-Built In Stands Keeps Utensils Germ Free

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Weight 25 lbs